Sparrow of Success


There are a lot of dreams crushed, there are a lot of ambitions nearly crushing at the moment, may i just restore your lost hope, in that business that you are nearly giving up, revive your ideas, make fresh tackles on your problems confide in people that you trust, make them believe that the dream you had is still alive. The sparrow of success is you as an individual, there is no one that can do things for you, giving up is not the thing that you have to do when things go bad, rising up to the challenge is what you have to do when things go against your wheel, be the driver of the wheel when the wheel tries to drive you. Someone listen to me,  this year have new ideas, have new passions, select five people who you truly believe they believe in you and who you truly believe that they will rise and fall with you,  set strategies on new ideas make them real believe in them such that others will believe in them with you, the sparrow of success follows you because you are with the people that believe you can do it. Never be found around people that do not believe in what you are capable of doing, i am around myself and five other my-selves if there are no people that i trust and believe that they also believe in what i can do as a person, i chase after this sparrow of success and surely i believe in myself, my dreams, my vision, my ideas, my ambitions and my new ways of doing things, are you chasing what im chasing?


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