Clashes on Peace


There is a lot happening in the world, there is a world waiting to see, what happens to peace, peace is also waiting for the world to do what it has to do in order for peace to prevail. What has happened to a world that prides itself in harmony, what happened to the dreams of our great man and woman that sacrificed their lives for this world to become a better and respectful world?. Today EU is holding meeting after meeting and all we as the people hear is the blame game of EU leaders on issues that pertain peace, Ukraine is in need of a peace solution instead of a blame game, there has been reports from some EU states that think that the EU is supporting violence in Ukraine. May i just say that the EU is in support of a non violent protest, thus why the protesters in Kiev are not in any way violent, but their rights are violated, how many of the protesters are in prison, charged with nothing but defending their rights as citizens of a country? tell me what has the EU got to do when people are merely protesting?, this i believe may be the clash for peace, world over despite what we do let the reigns of peace be in negotiation in a none violent order as the ANC of Nelson Mandela in South Africa did apatheid, as the Mahatma Gandhi in India, surely our world will be a peaceful and a dialogue having world, lets stop the blame on things that are done in a more civil way and recognize violence while we do get peace in motion, as we resist the clash to peace

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Clashes on Ukraine at Munich Summit 01/02/14


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