Governance of Love


Love is like a book written in volumes, most of us today live in relationships where love is not the dominant force, we live in a bitter world, we may have had our relationships crush, we may have had a lot in the past, it is however that love has to be the greater force that governs each relationship that we all start. I have been in relationships where i have been the giver and most of the people i am in relationships with are waiting to receive from me, i have found out that most of us including myself do not have the balance of power in our relationships, my experiences govern the way i have misinterpreted love as a whole, i have given much than receive much. Most of our relationships today are just in a state where we are in it just for fun no more love, love is like a government, you stay in the right side of love your stay in your relationship becomes a more desirable one, how is your relationship like, is it governed by love or emotion? just a thought for you, be blessed and be a blessing

The Power Transfar of Peace


Nations have been in negotiations and people of the world have been in wait, people in the world await the news and we are in a state of wishing the best in humanity and having peace as our searchlight as we draw closer to peace. This world is in need of a people that will care and in all strength to afford to win at all cost,we can not afford to lose the only battle that may save the world and the governance of humanity. Syria is taking us back to the world were peace seem to be a well negotiated deal, the transfer of power of peace lies with the people of Syria, it is however that most work to be done is for leaders in Geneva to agree on a strategic way of solving their differences and a key to a successful and peaceful Syria will be evident. UN and the world it is our time now to stand with the people of Syria to get the importance and the greater transferring of powers of peace to the relevant people, our support and cheer to a great democratic and civil Syria lies with the word and the UN envoy to Syria, welldone to the peace negotiators, such is what the world deserve.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Power transfer on Syria peace talks agenda 27/01/14

Flowing Success


There are ideas that one can force out of their head and there are greater ideas that flow in people’s heads, despite the fact that all such great ideas can be made evident and can be brought to life, there seem to be a slight problem with us as humanity, the constant maintenance of the idea. Most of us today are not making it not because they are incapable of achieving, they are incapable of making what they invest their time and effort in flow, the constant flow of ideas, having a way to think and think in abundance such that you have a selection of choices as to which idea may work in 2014, i have a vast ideas in my head and i am fully flowing in 2014, to be a more successful young man in this year like i have never done before, is anyone here with me?

Fate of Peace


There is a tough road ahead of us, there is a road that we all can/can not walk to obtain what we all believe in, this is a road to total emancipation, a road to recovery, this is a road to justice and equality. Today marks a day of justice, today marks a true destiny for the people of Syria, Mr Lakhdar Brahimi do something positive as the UN envoy to Syria, the hope of the nation is on your shoulders, negotiators believe you can make a dialogue more positive and there be a peaceful resolution for Syria and its people. The fate of peace lies in the integrity of one man in Geneva that is the UN peace envoy, the fate for peace in the world lies with the UN and us as humanity, together we have the strongest current that can make a world a better place to live in.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Syrian government to meet with rebels face to face 25/01/14

Success in Motion


Today we have so much dead wood in our lives, we have things that we are carrying that we do not need, we have people that we hang out with that are not taking us anywhere. Today we have businesses that are barely making it, this is not because they do not have good marketing strategies in place, the reason why they are barely making it is that, they lake direction and the proportion of movement. Like most of us today for us to move in success we have a couple of people that we need to leave behind there are so many things that we have in our plans that can not make our success locomotive move, we have those people who never see you amount to anything, just leave them behind, there are those people that compete with your ideas, you know what? you don’t need them, those that make fun of your ideas, success is not for them, so you do not need them. Someone listen to me clearly, instead of people that compete with your idea you need people that complement and complete your ideas, so just get rid of dead wood and have your success in motion, i believe i receive it with both hands, anything holding my ideas and me back sorry no matter how smart you are im in motion im with success, anyone responding?

Defense of Love


There is a chilling breeze i feel, i try at all times to cover myself to warmth, but there seem to be more of the breeze than the blanket, my resources are limited in a bigger space that needs work. I walk this journey thinking of battles that i may fight, battles that i may/may not win, even though i may win there are things i have to defend and keep in all my victories, most of us today are more engrossed in the bigger part of our failing relationships than the smaller portion of our remaining relationship. We are too defensive, we say things in heist, we hurt other people in the process, all that we want as people in relationships is to win all the time and to be right all the times, it is a scary thing that our falling apart relationships have a brighter side of them, may i say to someone in your defense of yourself as to why you said what you said, just remember to defend the smaller part that which is called Love in your relationship, remember to defend its unselfishness, to defend its giving, defend its forgiving, defend its un-boastfulness, further defend its courageousness. I believe if we find such defense mechanisms in the smaller part of our living relationships we all learn to defend one another and also defend Love, be blessed and be a blessing

Combination of Peace


Most of the time we as humanity cry for better things it is however that more of our cries are based on selfishness, we as humanity have missed what makes the world a better place, religion has taken over the mindset of people, misinterpretation of scriptures either in the Holy Bile/Koran all this has caused tensions in the world. People are suicidal because of religion, kill them all and come back alone mentality has made even those that want to come back alone not even return, today because of religion peace is like a key combination that can not be figured out, Egypt is moaning five and 70 are in hospitals nursing explosion wounds, who thought of it and why? is the questions that ring in everyone’s mind, that is a combination of peace that is yet to be figured out, the road to peace was seeming clear for the people of Syria, now its getting to a point that all the combinations of peace in Geneva, that  was pointing to a final peace deal is seeming bleak, now the combination has been locked further as Syria threatens to quit the peace talks. Wold leaders and the UN our idea of peace has to be re-visited, our tactic of peace has to change, could we go on with the politician and a religious leader tearing one another up and the people dying?, sit down both politicians and religious leaders and find common ground for us as humanity to break the combination of peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles one on deadly blast hits Egyptian Capital, and the other on Syria threatening to quit talks in Geneva 

Force of Success


There are a lot of us today who are scratching their heads, thinking are we ever going to hit it big?, may i say the word you may have thought would not be heard in your situation, yes you can hit it big? stop asking yourself, start making a possibility statement in the year 2014, i am going to make it big. Most of our ideas are dying not because we are not good at them, they die because we do not take forceful measures to see them sprout to life, there is a force in you as a person that wants to be used, stop think and use that force to get your ideas working, that big dream you had last night have a forceful thought about it make it a reality, no matter how little money you have in the bank your bank balance does not determine how big you think, i have seen a lot of failures that have a fat bank account but no ideas of making their money to work for them, its about the brain, yes your thought, that is your force of your success, i am on my forceful way, i feel this urge in me it makes me want to do more than i can think, i know you are capable of making it across with me are you prepared to force that beautiful idea out? i am more than prepared im already walking, will you take that step too?

Bright Love


The road to a great relationship is more than saying the word i love you, it is all about your commitment to the word in action, a lot of us today have relationships that are hard in their nature, we try by all means to be on top of situations, it is however that situations get on top of us. Most of us today live in emotions rather than in love, we put forward more emotion than put forward love, thus we have jealousy, hate and more of hate in most relationships, this has caused a lot of us either to be in prison cells regretting or are in the verge of suicide because of a relationship where all your emotions have been invested. Now here is what may help you, every time you invest your emotions to someone always invest about 75% of them such that 15% of them can be ready to deal with your disappointment, apart from investing your emotions always know what love principles are, it forgives, it gives, it does not keep record of wrong, it is not selfish, it does not boast, so here we go and here i say invest your emotions at your own risk but the brighter side of love you know, be blessed and be a blessing

Ultimatum of Peace


Our governments are elected into office by us the people, it takes them years to do what we as the people ask them to do for us, what we often require as the people, is peace at all costs. Most governments campaign in the heart of the people once they win an election they become enemies of the same people that voted them into power, the ultimatum of peace is listening to what the people want, not what the politician wants, there is a big difference between the wheel of the people and the power of politics, the power of politics may dissolve, but the wheel of the people stands forever, people will always have a wheel and they will always have a voice, their voice will make politicians shake once their time is drawing near the end, Ukraine is the example of the wheel of the people living much than the power of politics, its chaos in Kiev as the people are protesting for what they believe will keep their country peaceful, there is no other resolution than the one that the people endorse, world over the ultimatum of peace lies with the masses and their wheel, yes we play the game of politics, yet we loose most of our battles within, this is a world that has had politicians ruin peace in our world than make peace a priority, may i give the school of thought to the peacemakers, its either politics/religion/both that will make our strategies of peace a reality.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine opposition issuing an ultimatum 23/01/14