Love like a breeze


There are times when one feels like you have been freed from a prison, you feel so fresh, you feel like the whole world is your oyster, there is no limits to what you can do in your relationship. Most of us today lake that breather, they lake the spirit of moving on in life, the reason why you are not feeling the breeze, this is all because you are just too embroiled in your past, may i just say to someone today, you can not live your present life in the past, it is impossible. Today most of us are free from our past relationships, we have been freed from jail, but we want to take the jail with us to our free land, this i mean we start relationships, i mean new relationships while still holding on to the last relationship, this is just like the second episode of a horror movie, where you are waiting to pounce. One has this in their mind and heart, if he/she ever does what so and so did to me, this time ill show him/her what i am made of, we are in revenge with the wrong people who are not in any way compared to the past person you were with, you left prison but you are still carrying the keys, you may go back if you want to, you can only enjoy your love that is like a breeze if you get out of your past completely start afresh make this one count for the better, it hurts to be out, but once you out its best to live afresh, i believe this may help you if you are going through stuff in your relationship, its hard i know but just let it go and enjoy your next bus with new opportunities, this is just love like a breeze i feel it and i am inspired you are not going to be burdened by your past in your new relationship, be blessed and be a blessing

Protesting Peace


Our world has been governed by fear instead of trust and freedom, the press today is said to be free, but in some parts of the world the press becomes pressed, in Europe it is a human right to say whatever you want when you want, same as in the US, it is however that what you say need to be within the limits of the law. Now if this was to happen in Africa, one would be rotting in a jail with the keys thrown away in some curve that no one would want to go to to look for, so that the person be free, people in Africa are arrested because they protest for their rights, it is a legal right for people to protest, a protest simply means people are lacking the trust and peace that the government is offering, when that happens because of a politician wanting the comfort and not giving in to the masses, who voted him/her into power, he/she tries to abolish the law that allows people to speak out. Ukraine has shown to the world that it is not the best thing in the world to deny the people their rights, UN and the world let us all stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in congratulating its parliament on a very good job of  abolishing the anti-protest laws that would have not allowed people to protest, the masses vote the government into power and if the government is not doing what the people are happy with, they have the right to protest and it is their freewheel of peace to do so. Let the spirit of restoring peace and order in the world be without loss of life and the spirit of protesting peace be within the people of Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine annuls anti-protest law 28/01/14

The Right of Success


I have lived in poor environments, i have seen how people struggle in life to make ends meet, there is one thing that i do not agree with even though i am from such environments, what i do not agree with is that Africa is a dark continent, i believe Africa is a bright continent made dark by our thoughts. We may have gone through/are still in brutality, either with one another or with oppressors i believe that we are just battling for brightness. Well success is at the same time a belief, once you believe you have the right then you can access the best in success, i have the greater ability to bring my ideas to life, i make my dreams work, this blog works for you and it lifts you up, so i believe that success is yours thus the reason i blog, thus the reason i believe that it is your right to be successful, i believe in you hence i know that both of us have the right to be successful, do you believe with me? anyone here with me or am i the only believer on this blog?

Governance of Love


Love is like a book written in volumes, most of us today live in relationships where love is not the dominant force, we live in a bitter world, we may have had our relationships crush, we may have had a lot in the past, it is however that love has to be the greater force that governs each relationship that we all start. I have been in relationships where i have been the giver and most of the people i am in relationships with are waiting to receive from me, i have found out that most of us including myself do not have the balance of power in our relationships, my experiences govern the way i have misinterpreted love as a whole, i have given much than receive much. Most of our relationships today are just in a state where we are in it just for fun no more love, love is like a government, you stay in the right side of love your stay in your relationship becomes a more desirable one, how is your relationship like, is it governed by love or emotion? just a thought for you, be blessed and be a blessing

The Power Transfar of Peace


Nations have been in negotiations and people of the world have been in wait, people in the world await the news and we are in a state of wishing the best in humanity and having peace as our searchlight as we draw closer to peace. This world is in need of a people that will care and in all strength to afford to win at all cost,we can not afford to lose the only battle that may save the world and the governance of humanity. Syria is taking us back to the world were peace seem to be a well negotiated deal, the transfer of power of peace lies with the people of Syria, it is however that most work to be done is for leaders in Geneva to agree on a strategic way of solving their differences and a key to a successful and peaceful Syria will be evident. UN and the world it is our time now to stand with the people of Syria to get the importance and the greater transferring of powers of peace to the relevant people, our support and cheer to a great democratic and civil Syria lies with the word and the UN envoy to Syria, welldone to the peace negotiators, such is what the world deserve.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Power transfer on Syria peace talks agenda 27/01/14

Flowing Success


There are ideas that one can force out of their head and there are greater ideas that flow in people’s heads, despite the fact that all such great ideas can be made evident and can be brought to life, there seem to be a slight problem with us as humanity, the constant maintenance of the idea. Most of us today are not making it not because they are incapable of achieving, they are incapable of making what they invest their time and effort in flow, the constant flow of ideas, having a way to think and think in abundance such that you have a selection of choices as to which idea may work in 2014, i have a vast ideas in my head and i am fully flowing in 2014, to be a more successful young man in this year like i have never done before, is anyone here with me?

Fate of Peace


There is a tough road ahead of us, there is a road that we all can/can not walk to obtain what we all believe in, this is a road to total emancipation, a road to recovery, this is a road to justice and equality. Today marks a day of justice, today marks a true destiny for the people of Syria, Mr Lakhdar Brahimi do something positive as the UN envoy to Syria, the hope of the nation is on your shoulders, negotiators believe you can make a dialogue more positive and there be a peaceful resolution for Syria and its people. The fate of peace lies in the integrity of one man in Geneva that is the UN peace envoy, the fate for peace in the world lies with the UN and us as humanity, together we have the strongest current that can make a world a better place to live in.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Syrian government to meet with rebels face to face 25/01/14