Un-blinkered Success


There is a lot in life that we can all give, it is however that most of us get restricted by nothing else but our thought, there is nothing more frustrating in life, to have a great idea and again the same head that thought that idea becomes an obstacle for that idea. Yes most of us are wealthy and some of us are rich, some of us are comfortable, i hate to say none of us is poor, we are all given prosperity in every way, however a lot of us choose to think poverty that’s the reason why we remain behind when others are moving. I have relatives that are in Africa, now nothing against them, but i recognized that the more i give them from my pocket, the more i suffer with them, even though i am in a better position than them, my relatives forgot that they had a life, and i became the source of life for them, they forgot their responsibilities and i became the provider of their responsibilities. Now here is my point, a lot of us become blinkered by other people’s problems and fail to look at your success, we want other people to judge our success on what we have done for others, not ourselves, i have chosen now to help in this way, if there is a river close by and one knows there is fish in there, and you want help get fish,  this is what we will do, We will both go to the river with both our baits, ill show you with your bait how to fish and then together lets go fishing, this is what i have to focus on, my problems while helping you solve yours. That is simply un-blinkered success just do not be consumed so much into other people’s mess and forget your responsibilities, it is the hash truth for most of the people, but hey we have to get this thing going, i am with you all the way lets just be successful together with no blinkers at all, anyone liking this?


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