Amnesty Move for Peace


What the world sees is not what people believe in, our strategies of peace are more oblique sometimes, most of our efforts of making peace a reality seem to be corrupted by the forces behind policy. What is policy when life is wasted? what is policy when living conditions of normal human beings are hash, the favor of greater life remaining with a politician/a religious leader? don’t we all want a good and fairer justified life? i guess we all do want a fairer share of the pie in countries that we live in. Ukraine today is an example of a nation that wants its fair share of the pie with its politicians and the government, protesters have been given amnesty with conditions, what is amnesty? guess if that word may be re-defined then i may understand, the first thing that the protesters where thrown into prison, is the reason that the government uses to try and scare those that are still in the streets as to negotiate by giving up, such that their colleagues in prison can be free. They want their fair share, so whatever the officials in Kiev are doing it should be in the interests of the people not their interest, the amnesty move for peace is within reach when the masses are the ones that are involved and their needs are met, for peace can only be when the masses are consulted.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine protesters defy amnesty move 30/01/14 


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