Honor of a Hundred of Peace


While the world is waiting, peace seems like a hard thing to come by, while negotiations go by there are masses that are in desperate need of refuge, peace claims a lot and it gives out a lot in the process. Syrians are on the table discussing their future, they all made it by themselves, now what the world has to do is help in all possible ways to make such a wonderful action work for the better both for the people of Syria and the world in peace at large. Today the UK has accepted to take under its wing hundreds of Syrians, giving them refuge temporally as the peace talks are going on in Geneva, it may never be too late for a kind gesture from the UK, what acts of kindness can the UN further give, how is the envoy for Syria doing in the negotiations? we as the world are in honor of a hundred of peace, as the UK plays its part to honor the best possible way of negotiating peace in Syria, such could be expected from other nations for this world to be a better and peaceful world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on UK takes in hundreds of Syrians 29/01/14


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