Fruits of Love


Most of us today are dying quietly in relationships, our relationships are no longer what they used to be, they become like a game, in this game you have to take a chance to win. May i just say love is not a game its is a lifestyle, you live love, just as when you live a life you have the laws that govern the land and the laws that keep you as a person in check, love is just like that, it is however that most of us are not in check with the life that love wants to live in us/within us. We are so used to doing things that are not working in our relationships, that we try so hard to make work, love is a fruitful lifestyle, it gives, it forgives, it is not selfish, it does not keep record of wrongs, it is kind, it is patient, above all it is transparent. What fruits does your relationship have, if none try planting the seed of trust first, then follow up with the rest of the above, i pray that you be helped by this message and be blessed as well as being a blessing


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