Protesting Peace


Our world has been governed by fear instead of trust and freedom, the press today is said to be free, but in some parts of the world the press becomes pressed, in Europe it is a human right to say whatever you want when you want, same as in the US, it is however that what you say need to be within the limits of the law. Now if this was to happen in Africa, one would be rotting in a jail with the keys thrown away in some curve that no one would want to go to to look for, so that the person be free, people in Africa are arrested because they protest for their rights, it is a legal right for people to protest, a protest simply means people are lacking the trust and peace that the government is offering, when that happens because of a politician wanting the comfort and not giving in to the masses, who voted him/her into power, he/she tries to abolish the law that allows people to speak out. Ukraine has shown to the world that it is not the best thing in the world to deny the people their rights, UN and the world let us all stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in congratulating its parliament on a very good job of  abolishing the anti-protest laws that would have not allowed people to protest, the masses vote the government into power and if the government is not doing what the people are happy with, they have the right to protest and it is their freewheel of peace to do so. Let the spirit of restoring peace and order in the world be without loss of life and the spirit of protesting peace be within the people of Ukraine.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine annuls anti-protest law 28/01/14


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