Love like a breeze


There are times when one feels like you have been freed from a prison, you feel so fresh, you feel like the whole world is your oyster, there is no limits to what you can do in your relationship. Most of us today lake that breather, they lake the spirit of moving on in life, the reason why you are not feeling the breeze, this is all because you are just too embroiled in your past, may i just say to someone today, you can not live your present life in the past, it is impossible. Today most of us are free from our past relationships, we have been freed from jail, but we want to take the jail with us to our free land, this i mean we start relationships, i mean new relationships while still holding on to the last relationship, this is just like the second episode of a horror movie, where you are waiting to pounce. One has this in their mind and heart, if he/she ever does what so and so did to me, this time ill show him/her what i am made of, we are in revenge with the wrong people who are not in any way compared to the past person you were with, you left prison but you are still carrying the keys, you may go back if you want to, you can only enjoy your love that is like a breeze if you get out of your past completely start afresh make this one count for the better, it hurts to be out, but once you out its best to live afresh, i believe this may help you if you are going through stuff in your relationship, its hard i know but just let it go and enjoy your next bus with new opportunities, this is just love like a breeze i feel it and i am inspired you are not going to be burdened by your past in your new relationship, be blessed and be a blessing


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