Instilled Success


I have been in a place that sometimes talking about seems like a whole two years worth of story in a day, however i have to point this out, being a victim of political abuse i know what it means to be instilled with fear, this is not what i want to scare people on here today with, my aim is to get success to reach you as simple as possible. Just like one tortured, so fear can be instilled in them, thus how success has to be in all of us, let your ideas make room that even those that think you can not make it, feel like you are too big for them. It is about how you talk about yourself, how you carry yourself, like fear is instilled into a person for them to be afraid, then success can be instilled, such that the mentality of failure in you will be afraid of you as a person, make sure in your life that there is zero tolerance of failure, that big dream you have, that big idea you have, all of this is bursting to come out. Remember it is only you as a person, Who can tell your  dream, yes baby come out, tell that idea you are welcome in my head and brain, my brain only functions with only big ideas, yes no matter how small you look at yourself, you are big in every way. I instill success in everything that i do, i taste it, i smell it, i live it, im more closer to it than i have ever been, failure fears my ideas, failure is just on the sidelines, success plays this game, what  plays your game?


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