The Right of Success


I have lived in poor environments, i have seen how people struggle in life to make ends meet, there is one thing that i do not agree with even though i am from such environments, what i do not agree with is that Africa is a dark continent, i believe Africa is a bright continent made dark by our thoughts. We may have gone through/are still in brutality, either with one another or with oppressors i believe that we are just battling for brightness. Well success is at the same time a belief, once you believe you have the right then you can access the best in success, i have the greater ability to bring my ideas to life, i make my dreams work, this blog works for you and it lifts you up, so i believe that success is yours thus the reason i blog, thus the reason i believe that it is your right to be successful, i believe in you hence i know that both of us have the right to be successful, do you believe with me? anyone here with me or am i the only believer on this blog?


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