The Power Transfar of Peace


Nations have been in negotiations and people of the world have been in wait, people in the world await the news and we are in a state of wishing the best in humanity and having peace as our searchlight as we draw closer to peace. This world is in need of a people that will care and in all strength to afford to win at all cost,we can not afford to lose the only battle that may save the world and the governance of humanity. Syria is taking us back to the world were peace seem to be a well negotiated deal, the transfer of power of peace lies with the people of Syria, it is however that most work to be done is for leaders in Geneva to agree on a strategic way of solving their differences and a key to a successful and peaceful Syria will be evident. UN and the world it is our time now to stand with the people of Syria to get the importance and the greater transferring of powers of peace to the relevant people, our support and cheer to a great democratic and civil Syria lies with the word and the UN envoy to Syria, welldone to the peace negotiators, such is what the world deserve.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Power transfer on Syria peace talks agenda 27/01/14


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