Governance of Love


Love is like a book written in volumes, most of us today live in relationships where love is not the dominant force, we live in a bitter world, we may have had our relationships crush, we may have had a lot in the past, it is however that love has to be the greater force that governs each relationship that we all start. I have been in relationships where i have been the giver and most of the people i am in relationships with are waiting to receive from me, i have found out that most of us including myself do not have the balance of power in our relationships, my experiences govern the way i have misinterpreted love as a whole, i have given much than receive much. Most of our relationships today are just in a state where we are in it just for fun no more love, love is like a government, you stay in the right side of love your stay in your relationship becomes a more desirable one, how is your relationship like, is it governed by love or emotion? just a thought for you, be blessed and be a blessing


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