Defense of Love


There is a chilling breeze i feel, i try at all times to cover myself to warmth, but there seem to be more of the breeze than the blanket, my resources are limited in a bigger space that needs work. I walk this journey thinking of battles that i may fight, battles that i may/may not win, even though i may win there are things i have to defend and keep in all my victories, most of us today are more engrossed in the bigger part of our failing relationships than the smaller portion of our remaining relationship. We are too defensive, we say things in heist, we hurt other people in the process, all that we want as people in relationships is to win all the time and to be right all the times, it is a scary thing that our falling apart relationships have a brighter side of them, may i say to someone in your defense of yourself as to why you said what you said, just remember to defend the smaller part that which is called Love in your relationship, remember to defend its unselfishness, to defend its giving, defend its forgiving, defend its un-boastfulness, further defend its courageousness. I believe if we find such defense mechanisms in the smaller part of our living relationships we all learn to defend one another and also defend Love, be blessed and be a blessing


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