Combination of Peace


Most of the time we as humanity cry for better things it is however that more of our cries are based on selfishness, we as humanity have missed what makes the world a better place, religion has taken over the mindset of people, misinterpretation of scriptures either in the Holy Bile/Koran all this has caused tensions in the world. People are suicidal because of religion, kill them all and come back alone mentality has made even those that want to come back alone not even return, today because of religion peace is like a key combination that can not be figured out, Egypt is moaning five and 70 are in hospitals nursing explosion wounds, who thought of it and why? is the questions that ring in everyone’s mind, that is a combination of peace that is yet to be figured out, the road to peace was seeming clear for the people of Syria, now its getting to a point that all the combinations of peace in Geneva, that  was pointing to a final peace deal is seeming bleak, now the combination has been locked further as Syria threatens to quit the peace talks. Wold leaders and the UN our idea of peace has to be re-visited, our tactic of peace has to change, could we go on with the politician and a religious leader tearing one another up and the people dying?, sit down both politicians and religious leaders and find common ground for us as humanity to break the combination of peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles one on deadly blast hits Egyptian Capital, and the other on Syria threatening to quit talks in Geneva 


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