Ultimatum of Peace


Our governments are elected into office by us the people, it takes them years to do what we as the people ask them to do for us, what we often require as the people, is peace at all costs. Most governments campaign in the heart of the people once they win an election they become enemies of the same people that voted them into power, the ultimatum of peace is listening to what the people want, not what the politician wants, there is a big difference between the wheel of the people and the power of politics, the power of politics may dissolve, but the wheel of the people stands forever, people will always have a wheel and they will always have a voice, their voice will make politicians shake once their time is drawing near the end, Ukraine is the example of the wheel of the people living much than the power of politics, its chaos in Kiev as the people are protesting for what they believe will keep their country peaceful, there is no other resolution than the one that the people endorse, world over the ultimatum of peace lies with the masses and their wheel, yes we play the game of politics, yet we loose most of our battles within, this is a world that has had politicians ruin peace in our world than make peace a priority, may i give the school of thought to the peacemakers, its either politics/religion/both that will make our strategies of peace a reality.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Ukraine opposition issuing an ultimatum 23/01/14


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