Bright Love


The road to a great relationship is more than saying the word i love you, it is all about your commitment to the word in action, a lot of us today have relationships that are hard in their nature, we try by all means to be on top of situations, it is however that situations get on top of us. Most of us today live in emotions rather than in love, we put forward more emotion than put forward love, thus we have jealousy, hate and more of hate in most relationships, this has caused a lot of us either to be in prison cells regretting or are in the verge of suicide because of a relationship where all your emotions have been invested. Now here is what may help you, every time you invest your emotions to someone always invest about 75% of them such that 15% of them can be ready to deal with your disappointment, apart from investing your emotions always know what love principles are, it forgives, it gives, it does not keep record of wrong, it is not selfish, it does not boast, so here we go and here i say invest your emotions at your own risk but the brighter side of love you know, be blessed and be a blessing


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