The beginning of Peace


It is a long way to go, but we have hope that we will make it to the other side, we may have differences, but our aim is to resolve those differences in unity. The whole world is watching and the whole world is behind every move we take, it is not an easy task to begin this road, there is pride that one/many have to swallow so that this journey may take shape, Syrians have began a long route to negotiating for their peace, yes conflicting ideas may rise, but i believe that they will rise far above them, just like the days of Koffi Annan, the UN could not help but poison the minds of Syrians by teaching them how to point fingers at one another, Koffi Annan as its envoy was right to quit, because as big as the UN is, there should be no way they will be pointing fingers at each other in solving a crisis, that is just the same as a father, who is meant to take responsibility in his home and he starts blaming his wife for the birth of his children. Today this is the poison that Syrians have learnt from the master, thus today Syrians will blame one another first before making it to the final straw of negotiating for peace, i believe from now on the UN and the world leaders have learnt how to master the beginning of peace so that other nations that are suffering may follow, the beginning of peace is an art of trust and trust is built by the enforcers of negotiations, lets negotiate peace and we be the bearers of greatness for our world.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on bitter exchanges as Syrian peace talks begin 22/01/14


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