Systematic Torture for Peace


We as  a world we cry for peace, we cry for the finishing of wars in the world, it is however that as we cry and try to make such efforts to make peace a reality in life, there are some that are waiting on the sidelines for opportunities to block the way towards peace. In the apartheid error there were so many injustices against humanity, it is however that the healing of the nation from all this was due to one man, one man only that embraced forgiveness and led to the healing of wounds in the nation of South Africa, now Syria is in the process to negotiate peace, and in the process there are people out there gathering evidence on how to prosecute one man on the panel that is negotiating for the peace that we all wish for, yes there were crimes of humanity against whoever suctioned them, so is every war, it has all that, we need to be talking peace for Syria and help the Syrians in the process of healing their wounds in peace, if Syrians decide they need the international society involved in their case, they will after they have negotiated their peace, why is the world so unkind to Syria?, UN what did Syria specifically done to your organisation that they be treated like a nation that has not got its own ideas? may i say the systematic torture that is being said in Syria, it is what the UN and the world are doing to the Syrians right now, all what the Syrians need now is the end of violence and a peace deal be struck, finally Syrians like South Africans need a time to fix whatever went wrong during the war by themselves, let the international community be invited not them inviting themselves, it is my fear with such suggestions of systematic torture report coming out that the road to peace is proving more difficult than ever to achieve in Syria.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Syria accused of systematic torture 21/01/14


2 thoughts on “Systematic Torture for Peace

  1. There is a fine line between offer to help resolve a conflict by being a disengaged third party arbitrator who the parties in conflict all trust to resolve the issues fairly. The UN today is influenced too much by three powers that do not even trust themselves. Not too promising in my opinion, however, anything to obtain a cease fire to allow heads to cool is better than doing nothing.

    Maybe it would be better to send in the top three religious leaders representatives of Syria to resolve the religious differences that appear to be part of he root issues fueling the volcano in the minds that have erupted in warfare there. The record of politicians trying to resolve the issues in the Middle East have been dismal and short term if best.

    If religious leaders cannot be a peace with each other, what hope is there for their followers to be at peace with each other.

    What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom.

    Regards and good will blogging.

    • Well said thank you, it is my dream that all these religious leaders do put aside their differences and tackle the issues that may help these countries that are more in need of peace than their religious gains thank you again for your comment, it is valuable to us

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