Perceived Success


I have wondered so many times why is it that most of us are not making it in life, there are a few factors that i have found out that contribute to us not being able to make it across the river of success as we planned. Such factors i have found out are based on my experience of growing up in  Africa, there are things that we people from Africa believe in, these things have made progress a slightly more slow train than usual, hence influencing our thought that the color of our skin/our geographic position are the factors that contribute to our failures. May i just help a few people out there, success is colorless, it does not matter what color you are, failure can still get you, it is what you perceive as a person that propels you to your destination, what dreams have you got?, where do you think your dreams will lead you?, this is the only way that will make one succeed in life. Your thought is the biggest weapon of winning things, and achieving greatness, when you perceive a great victory surely you have it, because you thought about it, think, tick, dream, force your dreams out and make them count in your success, that i call perceived success, i perceive a better month of February and i know there is much, much greater victories for me on the remaining days of January, this i think, this makes me tick, this i believe and i perceive that it is success that i only see nothing else, do you perceive anything?


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