Invite of Peace


It is a great effort for humanity to make life more exciting and more great for our children and their children, peace is universal and peace is ideal in this world of uncertainty. I for one have great respect for the Syrians who finally have managed to negotiate their peace and make the whole world understand that peace is ideal, when the UN messed up the Syrians stood up for their right to be a peaceful nation, it is my greatest honor to learn that the UN has finally come to light as on where it stands in the Syrian peace negotiations, In most cases one would expect the UN to play a positive role in the negotiations, but as it stands the UN’s role may end the negotiations prematurely and the war may not end, so what is the UN doing? world over Syria began its peace negotiations, and the UN are enjoying the fighting that is going on they are now an organisation that instigates tension than defuse it, what is Iran doing in the Syrian peace talks? United Nations and its chiefs, if the invite for peace negotiations in the world would mean a thing then the UN has to change its way as the trust of the world has become exhausted, it was Koffi Annan’s efforts to make progress in the peace talks in Syria, now its Mr Ki-Moon confusing Syrians. Peace is inviting the world to do something before another blow from our trusted friend UN

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the UN inviting Iran to the Syrian peace talks 20/01/14


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