Inspired Love


Sometimes i feel like its a lot harder to understand the one that i love, it is not an easy thing to understand even those that are more closer to you like family, this is all because of that every individual is different no matter what their status is in every relationship. I have made myself more of a student in the love life course and i have learnt a lot that i may have not learnt had i not lowered myself to a student, i do not know it all, here on my blog i just share what i believe we all can achieve in love. Love has to be inspired by what you say, how you say it, when you say it, most of us today not pointing out fingers to a direction of gender, believe that they can say whatever they want, when ever they want, however they want. May i just point out the simple fact in all this, have you recognized that the most blunt people are either not married/they are in family rejection, this is my own observation and i have believed that in a relationship what you say is more important, however what inspires the love you have for someone is how you say what you want to say, a greater inspiration will come more into light when one knows the timing of what they say what they want to say. I believe timing of statements have cost a lot of relationships thus a lot of us are working hard to repair our relationships, do not live in regret just time your statement, know how to deal with your other half see how they are feeling, connect with them in time, so that you will understand them in what they may want to hear at a certain time and that is just inspired love, perfect timing makes a great inspired relationship full of love, be blessed and be a blessing


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