Expected Success


I am sometimes feeling embarrassed by the actions that i have done in the past, making progress in life becomes a challenge when you set out your goals and find out that what you say has a dent somewhere, i believe a lot of us have inspired themselves one way or another, they have found a video/magazine/book with those inspirational messages, it is however that when you set your plan and you are positively living towards your expected outcome, something unexpected comes on and bang you are knocked of course. You know there is one thing that has inspired me in life, one person per say “Nelson Mandela” despite his trials in life, his ultimate goal was to achieve freedom and forgiveness, no matter how his jailers made freedom harder, he made it a point his focus was not on his treatment but the freedom of his nation and the healing of it thereafter, now this is why i brought this man of great influence to the world, because most of us today our expectations may be dented but it does not mean that your vision for a great successful year is over, your ideas may be seeming hard to come by and there is a lot of demand in you, just say its all ok my focus is finishing this thing i am starting/i started strong, expect success despite that dent dont be dented to succeed but dream more to succeed in your dent, after all its a dent it can be panel beaten you just take positives out of it. I am so much inspired and i expect success despite how the year may look bleak, its the nineteenth day so there are still more days for you and i to raise our expectations high, anyone coming with me?


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