The Hail of Peace


As much as the world awaits in perception of peace, peace awaits for the world to help achieve it, it is such a huge boost to learn that the US has given the art-most support to the Syrians in the long walk to a dialogue of peace. In a world that is now uncertain of what may happen next, it is an honor reading and learning that the US is backing the peace talks that are happening between two opposing factors in Syria to end the Syrian conflict, it is just to a disheartening feeling i just feel with the UN, the UN being the one tasked to end this conflict years back and started name calling each other yet Syria required a peace deal, now today they are still the quiet side who are just watching on the sidelines, UN and the world Syria needs us more than ever as they have negotiated peace themselves, we need to usher our support and help in all ways in the peace talks, We hail the spirit of peace that has lived with Syrian leaders that have made it possible for the world to witness the best Syria can give for its citizens, Our next Step is towards making a mark to the people of the world in hailing such marvelous efforts of peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the US hailing Syria opposition talks move 19/01/14


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