Personalized Success


There are a lot of us today that are living on what other people achieved, i was born and raised under the African customs, where inheritance looks like a birthright and inheritance is like a job to many. My mind growing up in Africa and being legally the only boy in our family was not to believe in my father’s inheritance, but believe i can create my own inheritance for my children. Most of us today have lived such a life where we are so depandant on other people’s ideas, we are so desperate that if such and such thinks then great the idea it is, independancy has never occured to a lot of us today that is why we are miles away from success. May i just close here by saying success is like a relationship it has to be felt by you and then it is tranfared to your ideas, then people start to see an empire growing, then people will start to believe in your ideas and support that full grown empire, success has to be personal one has to personalize great areas of success in their life, brand success as yours, i have started my branding and this weekend my ideas are going to be more than personal so i can get my personalized success anyone coming with me in a weekend of personalized success?


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