Peace in exchange


It is such a beautiful thing to see and hear the progress of peace talks in Syria and it is such an encouraging situation in the humanitarian peace world. There is still however the most worrying thing of them all, yes the people of Syria are making progress on their own, it is however a difficult situation to see the position of the United nations in all this great progress. Syria like in the days of Koffi Annan as its envoy has always wanted to co-operate in peace talks, however the UN has made such a mission impossible by not supporting this beautiful peace loving nation, may i stress peace is exchanged today with ignorance it is as if the UN enjoys it when countries are in conflict and i believe that peace has to be now and Syria should not again be exchanged for another massacre through the world’s ignorance.

Edwin Mathe in Relations to a BBC article on Syria proposing prisoner Exchange 17/01/14


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