The move of Success


There are a lot of us that think success is like a spaceship it goes with selected people and comes back with a report for us all, may i just get to the point, you can not obtain whats best for you on someone else’s theories, your success is only guaranteed by you, your idea has to work for you, as it works for you it has to move with you, it does not have to move for you, its a two feet sequence, when you move i move just like that, have you heard the song?, such is success when your idea moves, success also moves, so you and i today we will read and be equipped in success, but it will take you and i to apply those theories to our ideas, we are not successful because we do not move we are stagnant, lets all be in higher spirits and be moved by our ideas so we can move with success, i am ready, i believe you are too


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