Love guaranteed


One so beautiful morning seems bright and cool, i sing a song from the inside, the song i sing in the outside contradicts with the one in the inside, oh how i wish i could sing the one i am singing in the inside, my passions and dreams are reflected in the inside, not in the outside. Most of us have such songs that we are in battle with either accepting the one in the inside/the one that practically everyone can hear you sing, most of our relationships have two faces, the one that is inside and so beautiful and both parties wish for, the one that no one sees but both of you can, it is however that in all the efforts to try and get this beautiful love that is inside outside its practically impossible as our practical lives are so contaminated with gossip, jealousy, anger, frustration and un-forgiveness. One way/the other once you have all this in you as an individual, love is not practically guaranteed in your relationship, if you are asked today, who do you trust more?, your family or your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee’, there are a lot of reactions that come with that answer mostly negative. May i just point out something today, love is only guaranteed in your relationship when you stop looking at other people in a negative way, start talking of others the way you may want them to talk about you, stop comparing your situation to others, stop wanting to be better at all the time, i just hit a nail on the head right there and i believe i am not going to get more likes on this one, however guaranteed love is all about unselfishness that’s all, be blessed and be a blessing 


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