Breach of Secured Peace


As efforts to keep our boarders safe from extremists, there lies a lot of caution for humanity as a whole, peace is unidentified by those that fight so hard to make is visible to all human beings. United Nations and world leaders we have left wounds that needed addressing while fresh go bad, there is much more to do than when the problems escalated, we could have minimized these extremists as we could see things going bad. We all knew about the safety of Iraq that became a doubt when we first invaded it, then it was never secure because of our troops in there, now war on terror becomes a nightmare for everyone in political circles as we have left those extremist to rule in every way. Peace requires us to work together with all these militant religious leaders and find a solution in Iraq surely there is one, When Syria had its arming process UN sat and did nothing, now weapons were fired humanity lost lives from chemical weapons, what the UN did was to investigate, and that investigation and clearing the remains of the chemical weapons and disarming cost more than the UN having to intervene earlier on. Today Syria as Koffi Annan said in giving up as its envoy, Syria is the UN solution if everyone stop pointing fingers at each other and name calling, UN and the world, both Iraq and Syria need your intervention in both security and peace-force, i cry for the souls that we loose every single day, because of what the UN and world leaders could have avoided earlier, there is a breach of secured peace somewhere and it is now the UN and world leaders should act.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both BBC articles on Syria saying they are in talks with the west on Security and on dozens killed in bomb attacks in Iraq


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