Solid Success


Too many hindrances in our lives today, too many people talk us down, too many people think they are better than us, too many people have brought us to our knees using our own ideas, we feel cheated, we feel used, we feel like there is nothing that we can do that is good. Let me just begin with this, most of us are too dependent on what others will say about our progress in life, all because they tell you of what they have done, your achievement is not based on what someone else has, but what you as an individual desire to have. Remember its an opinion that one has about you, but you are not what they think about you, i have today thought how solid i am in what i do, because i believe in my ideas and i know how i want them to be, i can not give in/give up because of someone’s opinion, i know you and i have found solid success and we are on our way to a great year, come on you can do this


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