Medicine is Love


I am so weak in hurt, i have been hurt a lot of times, i am a product of love, yet my love is not seen, all i see is hurt and pain, i try to smile but situations around me would not allow me to, there are more people laughing at me than those laughing with me. There are a lot of us that fight demons in our relationships, sometimes that relationship was not approved by your friends/relatives, maybe your relationship has been deemed not fit at all, may i just boost someone spirit today, your belief and trust in your relationship does not just mean you have to talk about your relationship, you have to act as wise as possible to make those that doubt you know what love is, you begin loving them first, being polite to them no matter how negative they think of you, remember everyone in life is entitled to their own opinion, why do you seek an opinion that is not yours in choosing what you want? so the best way to overcome these un approving people is just loving them and love your partner/brother/sister more than they talk about you, talk positive about your relationship though in the middle of hard times, just love and love that is the only medicine that can heal your hurt and your broken heart, be blessed and be a blessing


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