Hope of Peace


While we stand in tears moaning the great leaders of our time, our lives are continuously in great admiration of what we are to face in what the heroes died leaving us to face, our main cry is how we are going to build on the legacy that these great man have built, we are a people today that seem to be loosing what the Sharons and the Mandelas have fought to achieve in their lifetime. I am personally humbled to figure out that since there was the Ousting of two Egyptian Presidents Mosi and Mobarak there seem to be progress towards peace as the people of Egypt decide on the peaceful future of their nation as they voted for a new referendum on a new constitution, it is of great importance and more significant that UN and world leaders help the people of Egypt to recognize the importance of the step that they are taking right now. UN and world leaders may your concern further be addressed in South Sudan to which 200 people as we speak have drowned in the river Nile while fleeing fighting in their beloved nation, what is the UN and its security council say, what peaceful methods have they tried to help such a helpless nation? It is my sincere concern that if the UN and world leaders do not act now on both these cases we are faced with no hope that we have already created towards peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to both the BBC articles on the Egyptians voting for a referendum on their new constitution and 200 peopke that drowned in the river Nile while fleeing fighting in South Sudan 14/01/14


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