The loss of a Peacemaker


We moan today with the rest of the world the passing away of former Israel PM Ariel Sharon, we in humanity and in the peace loving circles believe and trust that a leader of Sharon status was an example to those that are thriving for the best in humanity, which when we read and know of his works Mr Sharon was a humanitarian, a man that fought and protected the legacy of his people in peace. As a peace loving people we pay our tributes to those that are fighting and are still in the process of making great strides towards peace, let peace reign in the world, let leaders of Sharon status be raised in within among us, the leaders that loud peace in their minds and souls, for a better world let there be global icons that may rise from South Sudan, Central African Republic, Egypt, Iraq and Bangladesh. Yes we moan yet we still encourage true statesmanship and peace enforcing spirit for our generation to be a generation of peace thinkers and peace reality livers.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Sharon lauded at Israel memorial 13/01/13


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