Enabled Love


There is a trigger that one is holding on to, a trigger that when released it will unlock greatness, this trigger when released may unlock the best out of humanity, this trigger is not between the barrel of a gun, it is not between life and death but between sweetness and love. We are a people that champion our ideas through love, everyone of us today wants to be loved, everyone of us today wants to love most probably everyone of us needs to be cared for. Relationships today are not a two way stream, they are a one way stream, people have become more lovers of themselves than sharing the love, they have love guns that only pull triggers towards themselves than pulling it towards another being. Our relationships are suffering because we are in love with some people who are not in love with us, may i say to someone today, enabled love is the one that is accessible by both you and the other half in your relationship, either your family or romantic relationship, it has to be accessible to both parties involved. I do have areas that i shut at times to some people, however i do repent today and i make myself the one that enables love to be reflected and reachable to everyone in my circles i believe it may be your awakening call too, be blessed and be a blessing


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