A close Hit in Peace


It is such an inspiring thought to hear such a positive stance that peace is finally being recognized by some that are ignorant of it, the political world, which in itself courses humanity to live in bitterness today has made a step towards the negotiating table. It has been a week of talking about conflict resolution in South Sudan as i read today, finally the UN Security council has come up with a plan of making peace a reality for the people of South Sudan. May all those involved in this resolution co-operate and let us as humanity hit closer to peace, working together and celebrating the best for the people of South Sudan, humanity is starting to see a new day for the people of South Sudan, this indeed is a close one step to peace, UN and world leaders lets also do more, for the people of Egypt, Bangladesh and Iraq so that peace can be our priority for the year 2014.

Edwin Mathe in relations to an article on South Sudan being urged by the UN Security Council to release political prisoners 11/01/13


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