Tasting Love


Gently i walk down my memory, i try not to swerve as i move lest i miss this gentle breeze, i feel like i have burdens that have been lifted off my shoulders, i feel like i am free, the taste of freedom, the taste of loving myself again has come to mind. There are a lot of us today who are reflecting in their past that maybe, good/bad, there are relationships that are about to crumble/most probably they have crumbled and questions are running in everyone’s mind what happened?. There are a lot of us today who when a relationship is going smooth, there is no evaluation of the good days we live in, what is it that we can do to improve the best that we have, it is when the relationship goes bad then we start to evaluate, we are starting to blame this and that/such and such for the failure of our own relationship. May i just say, this is my own thought and i am not saying take it, first evaluate yourself as a person, how you taste your own love for yourself, if you find that you get a greater taste in loving yourself then, you can have a good taste of love in loving someone else. Remember this saying “love your neighbor as you love yourself” it all starts at you as a person, most probably the trouble is you, before you point a finger at someone, this is just me finding my taste of love and i believe it may be tastier to you, your relationship, and most probably your family, be blessed and be a blessing


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