Positive Success


My loss and your loss are not because we are stupid, my loss and your loss are not because we are failures, my loss and your loss are not because we can not do it/we do not have the power to do it. Our losses in life, no matter in what field you are at in life we do not loose because we are inadequate to the task we loose because of of our thought, what we think before we start is what makes us loose, my greatest philosophizes in life is positivism, no matter how i do in life, i stay positive, i am a football fan, not American football even though id love to be, i am a soccer fan if i can put it in the American language, my team is Arsenal featuring in the English premier League, in recent years my team has not won a trophy and it bothers a lot of people as in why such a team has not won any trophy. My attitude in all this is Arsenal are a faultless team not because they don’t have faults, they do but for me the positive side of things is that my team is competitive and has not fallen short when required to be. Now a lot of us today are being discussed, your ideas are being downtrodden, what do you do? go with the flow or believe in your ideas? remember what you believe in it takes progress for another to believe in it, how productive are you with your thought? how positive are you that your idea is the best ever? may i say to you no matter how bad you have been labelled to be, no matter how down and nearly out of breath you are, believe that there is a massive oxygen tank out there out of your gasping breath you are struggling for, i know you are as positive as i am that 2014, despite its beginning, you are cruising it on a high note, this mind i have and together you and i can be more positive to get the most positive ideas and spirit to make it across, lets do this


2 thoughts on “Positive Success

    • Thank you Joe we always try to do our best to give the best content to all our readers and we make sure you are well catered for in every way that success brings, thank you ever so much your comment makes us want to do more for you people out there, we value and appreciate your comment

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