Peace under Siege


It is with deep concern that situations that are escalating today in humanity are inhuman, gone are the days when peace used to be a vital word and the word that meant action. Today there are a number of people in the middle of a peace crisis yet there are a few who are concerned, gone are the days when the UN meant a lot in peace keeping, today i wonder as an organisation, has the UN run out of manpower/have they run out of mouthpieces?, I wonder since the day Mr Ki-Moon took into office there has not much that has been done in solving peace crises in the world, Egypt, Syria, South Sudan, Bangladesh, Libya, all these are courses for concern for an organisation that stands for the rights of humanity and peace keeping forces as the UN, however since all these crisis there has nothing that has come from the UN as statements/as at least help/intervention to try and help such nations in crisis, maybe its because they are not in the UN peace charter for humanity protection, this may make me re-evaluate my thought. Syria goes on and on there has nothing that the UN has done, last time i checked it was the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan who tried to be an inter-mediator for the Syrian crisis then nothing else happened, today Syria is in a more devastating state, still nothing is being done, UN do something for the world can not afford peace being under siege, do something for the young generation that may not see the future in peace, this is my blog signed with the spirit of concern, the spirit of humanity and in the spirit of peace that is under siege.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Homs Syria rebels die trying to break siege 10/01/14


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