Multiplying Peace


We are so concerned as humanity on what tomorrow will be like, most of our humanity across other boarders are concerned of life, questions that they may be asking themselves is, are we ever going to be alive tomorrow, will we live to see life tomorrow?. I am so concerned as a peace loving citizen of the world, in all the crisis that we are seeing week in week out there is nothing that the United Nation as a peace keeping organisation does or say about events happening, Syria touches my heart so much as there has been this conflict going on, first the nuclear weapons being fired, and the UN quickly runs to investigate, today it is such amazing that the UN instead of keeping and protecting peace they have become nuclear scientist protecting lives of people that are not affected by the wars, Syria has a double crisis today after the investigation on nuclear weapons, the UN left Syria with no resolution but just the cleaning up of chemical weapons as a solution, what about the rebels, what about the people of Syria who are so affected and can not even cross over to nearby Turkey, UN and world leaders if justice and peace is what we all dream and pray for do something before its too late, do something before the multiplication of peace becomes the subtraction of it, it is time peace has to multiply humanity instead of subtracting it.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on New front in Syria’s multiplying war 09/01/14


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