Consistent Love


There is a place somewhere, a place where the heart feels secure and great, this is a place where one yens to be all the time, our lives are a reflection of what we feel, if one is in sorrow it does not take a doctor to see that they are in need of motivation/comfort. This is a place where most of us are today we are in need of consistent love, love that flows continuously, love that means what we want it to mean, even though we go through staff we only need that beautiful voice that says its all going to be fine, that encouraging voice, that voice that is always there when you need it, a lot of us today have switched off beautiful voices that makes us great, love that constantly flow, we are so much destructed by looks rather than what people are capable of doing, if we all stop thinking of looks and start concentrating on love itself, we all are going to enjoy this consistency in love, be blessed and be a blessing


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