Perimeter of Love


Most of us today are so afraid of different things, either we are afraid of commitment/simple things like spiders for example, it is more justified by those in fear why they are in fear, i am one of the people that is not in any time afraid of anything, but i get scared for a while. One person once told me before, that perfect love casts away fear, this to me sounded like love that is divine and true makes one not afraid, a lot of us today are so afraid to tell the truth of who we are, we feel like if we tell the truth no one will love us with our faults, may i help someone at this moment, if you live your life in lies you are living your life in fear, you are afraid that some day the truth about you is going to be discovered and once it does you loose all the friends that came through that lie life of yours. The perimeters of love are set by the truth, giving and forgiving, being patient, never keeping records of wrong, being polite and gentle in your speech, in all this you tie love to yourself/your relationship. This is the best ever perimeter that one can set in life just to have love in its simplest form, be blessed and be a blessing


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