Absence of Peace


Our lives today are driven far beyond what we can afford, humanity can not afford the cost of peace, peace is now only afforded by policy makers/religious leaders. Normal human beings are just defending their right to live, they have lost the power and wheel to live in peace, there is no time in a week when the world is in peace, i am for the United Nations and its policies, it is however that today i do question their integrity on issues that matter, Egypt has been in the rule of the military for the second time in less than two years, is that peace that we as a people protested for? what was the role of the United Nation in the Egyptian resolution?, what did the UN say? today there is a double trial costing citizens and peace loving Egyptians tax payers money on who is fit to rule Egypt, where is the other Mobarak ousted president, are his crimes judged and finalized with, yes justice needs to be served, peace loving people of the world, justice today in Egypt is only served on paper, peace in Egypt is still a dream yet to come true, United Nations do something for the nations are not United anymore, do something to restore peace that is absent in all these beautiful nations, humanity suffers in the absence of peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Morsi absence halts Cairo trials 08/01/14 


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