Unshaken Love


I feel so strong every single day, i feel like a champion that has won a lot in my field, there is the best in life that i want to archive as a person, i feel something is eluding inside of me, i can not tell what it is, but it makes me smile. I have lived in pain yet i stand preaching forgiveness, i have lived in a place where peace was not found yet today i stand preaching peace, i have been rejected more in life than accepted in relationships, yet i stand today preaching love and unity. Love is the strongest word in humanity, it is the most sought commodity that humanity need, it is however that he/her that finds this true love builds on it no matter how hate kicks in, it is overpowered by love. May i just give my own opinion on what i believe can be your strongest point in a relationship, just love, no matter how bad you feel treated, your retaliation is doing good, no matter how rude you get those words, your response has to be polite, i have suffered in the past in trying to retaliate, it is love that makes you the best in every relationship you have, and that unshaken love will pull you through whatever situation you have today in your relationship, be blessed and be a blessing


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