Idolized Success


There are areas in life that most of us do not want to talk about, there are names that humanity only want to talk about when we are only joking and we think such words where not meant for us. I have been through such, there are stories i could not talk about, there are words i thought i could do without, they where never meant for a man like myself, it is however that most of us today find it hard to talk about success because of your failures. Success becomes a very hard word for us to talk about because of the past experiences and more of things that failed, may i just resurrect that word success in a very strong way to you today, have you recognized that your fear in talking about success is idolizing failure?, you may have failed to do such and such, but it does not mean that you are incapable of doing it. You tried and failed on one Technic of doing it, then find another, idolize success make it what you wish to become, envy it, make it what is more important in your life, push it beyond your measure, i have seen people that are more successful in life yet they still want more of it, that i call idolized success, i make what my ideas made me as a person and i push myself towards them, i believe someone has just waken up like i did now, so lets see this success together


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