Horizon of Peace


The Scope of peace is within limits, the scope of peace is beyond human imagination, humanity is being hanged for treason, today’s world is just as the 19th century world, we are re-living our past, years ago peace was a serious concern for Humanity, thus the United Nations was formed, in it was the security council that had a mandatory task of securing peace in all nations of the world in case there was a problem, in case governments where beyond control of their nations, a very good council it is and on paper this council could do a great job in helping humanity today live peaceful. Today the UN security council on paper is the strongest force that can Unite governments and its people, it is however that the silence of the Council have deemed peace in Egypt, made peace more difficult in Libya, today Iraq is in turmoil and no one wants to help, yet when the word insurgents was said our mother power nations where found on the ground, South Sudan in the middle of a disaster, the United Nations has not yet responded to give their thought, at lease on paper, yesterday it was Bangladesh peace has not been seen in this world with our naked eye, as i sit and see today peace is closer and if need it be peace will reign United Nations do something for our peace is more precious, do something to serve our dying humanity, its now or never that we live and see peace as a horizon.

Edwin Mathe in reflection to past BBC articles on all conflicts that took place both in 2013 and 2014 07/01/14 


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