Continuous Love


Its a sweet song i hear from a distance, however where i am i can only hear it from a distance not be closer to it, there are a lot of barriers that make me hear this sweet song from a distance. It sometimes plays so loud sometimes it plays so deem, i am so confused as to how to tell the authorities to make that song available to me, so i can conquer my loneliness, so i can conquer my bored self. It is a situation that most of us are suffering today in relationships that we chose ourselves, a lot of us are hearing/playing sweet words that she/he said when you first met, however some are longing for their parent/relative’s love, we used to get that during the hey days before such and such happened, but now due to such and such being there love dies, may i say that today once you are on this blog, the beginning of the year has to make your relationship flow with continuous love, be kind, be patient, be tolerant, be a giver, be a forgiver, do not keep record of wrongs, be an encouraging person, be a champion in your own relationship, remember be a giver above all be a forgiver that is the stream of continuous flowing Love, be blessed and be a blessing


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