Battled Peace


Once all hope is gone we as a people decide on whats best for us and our families, the question is whats best for the people? other people/other families? i wonder in today’s world that wealthier countries do take into consideration other people/their pleasure is in the suffering of other people and they, making headlines of evacuations to their native countries. Peace is therefore today suffering injustice from the so called mother powers of the world, once there is a miss-understanding of governments the world peace governing body the UN does nothing, yet wealthier countries are the ones that are heard speaking of evacuating their citizens. Peace is being battled, in the past week it was South Sudan, then Bangladesh, today it is Iraq, no comment from the UN and no action from the UN about all the fighting going on in all these countries, all i heard of in two occasions is that in Iraq the US will provide assistance to the Iraq troops and are not sending any troops, well done to the US and what about the UN what did they say? in South Sudan the US was the only country that sent planes to evacuate its own citizens, and what about the South Sudanese Citizens? who is going to evacuate them, i suppose the UN, but what did they say? what help did the UN send, nothing, not even a statement, World over, see the more we battle peace the more exposed our actions become, peace is now or never United Nations what role do we have to play as humanity to see that peace is being battled throughout the world?.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the Iraq PM urging the city of Fallujah to oust militants 06/01/14


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