Clash of Peace


Our idea of peace is based on our hate of violence, that should be the way we all view peace, today as the morning comes, or night approaches there are a lot of human beings who have their lives in the balance never knowing if they will see tomorrow. there are organisations who are meant to be stabilizing things before they escalate, it is however that such organisations act when things are fully escalated. United Nations and its security council, how much of security are you guys prepared to give, when violence looms in Bangladesh?, is there any security at all that you give?, there has been no word from the UN in all the violence that has taken place in the two days of clashes in Bangladesh, is it because the UN has other important functions than keeping peace?, the clash of peace lays in the shoulders of the UN, it is now or never will we as humanity make peace a priority as long as the organisation that is tasked with such is avoiding peace.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on the Clashes in boycotted Bangladesh Polls 05/04/14


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