Torched Peace


Our conscience tells us one thing and our mind tells us the other, there is no greater feeling than the feeling of peace, being at peace with oneself, is the greatest and amazing feeling that an individual human being can have. If one human being has a greater feeling in being peaceful what about a multitude of human beings? we are a people of peace and we think better when we are are at peace, United Nations as a body is preaching peace and doing nothing out of its boundaries to ensure that peace is administered equally to nations that are starting to know peace. Bangladesh is in the process of knowing peace, what advice has the UN given to the people of Bangladesh?, how resourceful can their election be?, where are the United Nations observers when violence looms on the eve of elections? may i say peace is a right for both the politician and a civilian, it is now or never that the UN be an organisation that is impartial in administering peace in the world, or the word peace will only be known in the UN’s headquarters other than a reality.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on Bangladesh polling stations torched on eve of elections 04/01/13


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