Administered Success


A lot of the times we as a people feel so down and rejected, we feel so unwell in our bodies the more we do, the more we seek for solutions, solutions that come to mind are either administering a dosage of painkillers/drinking a lot of water if its a headache. A lot of us today are in the fringes of success, it is however that our success is bottled up and needs to be opened up and administered to the ideas we have, you can not be successful in life if you do not face your pain head on. Success is a process and if you are afraid of pain then there is no way your ideas will work for you, if you are afraid of rejection sorry success is still a mile away from you, if you are afraid of criticism sorry again your ideas will remain in your head and you are just going to be talking about other people’s success not yours. Success is to be administered like medicine/tablets to your ideas, it is bitter but it does good, so what is it going to be in your life in 2014? administer success to all areas of your life?, or remain the same as last year?, the choice is yours, my choice is to administer all the best of success in my ideas and i know you will chose to apply the best for yours too


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